Xpress Employment - Owes me hours that have never been payed and refuse to pay.

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I started working for Express employment back in noveber.I since the have found out i have crohns diease and was in the hospital and still went to work deathly sick and i cleared with superviser about the need to come in a little later for 2 days regaurding life threatning dr.apointment.And then Express fired nme as well as them Not updateing there records when that info was given not my fault theres..I have been discrimanated aginst because iam sick with a new discovery of crohns.And because i urgently needed medical care they have dissmissed my needs and termanated me as well..I want to fight back and iam..Stating here...Express employment in Red Bluff CA. Lisa is the owner and she is the one that is NOT doing her job to up date records and do her job.I am going to file against the express co.

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